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Regular Hours

  • Monday - Saturday10:00 AM - 9:30 PM*
  • Sunday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM*

Holyoke Mall is now operating under Normal Mall Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM; Sunday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

*Store, Restaurant & Entertainment venue hours may vary.  Please call your favorite Holyoke Mall business to confirm hours in advance.



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Holyoke Mall Media Access Policy

We are happy to assist media representatives with all media requests, including, but not limited to content, photos, videos, media tours, press conferences, and interviews regarding Holyoke Mall. To better address your requests and to help streamline the on-site approval processes, we’ve implemented the following media guidelines that also help ensure the safety of our guests, tenants and employees. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when visiting or working with our staff:

Prior to visiting the property, all media must receive clearance. Please contact Lisa Wray, Holyoke Mall’s marketing director at [email protected] . An itinerary and shot list must be submitted in advance of arrival. While we do our best to accommodate every request, if we are unable to grant permission, filming/photography will not be permitted at Holyoke Mall.

You must provide the time, date, how many people in the party, and nature of the story/project.

  • Prior to your visit, you must perform a self-health wellness check. Anyone with a temperature greater than 100.00°F or who has flu-like symptoms (e.g., cough, body aches) will not be permitted to visit the property. Follow the State of Massachusetts Health Guidelines and refrain from visiting the property if you have been instructed to quarantine. Masks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES while on the property. Social distancing (6 feet) must also be practiced.
  • Upon arrival, ALL MEDIA MUST CHECK IN with security located Café Square level and conduct a temperature check and receive a media badge. The MEDIA badge will be dated and can only be used on that date. It must be worn and visible at all times and returned after each use.
  • Holyoke Mall can grant permission to film in common spaces only, meaning the main corridors of the property. Filming is not allowed in any tenant spaces (stores, attractions, or restaurants) without receiving prior permission from individual tenants.
  • Filming of uniformed security personnel or procedures without prior authorization is not permitted.
  • Filming outside of Holyoke Mall (including ancillary parking lots) must be coordinated with Lisa Wray.
  • Any media set-up that blocks the common area or prohibits regular business of our tenants or shopper flow, will not be allowed.

Any media not adhering to the above guidelines will be asked to leave Holyoke Mall.

Thanks for your understanding and your partnership! We look forward to working with you.


UPDATED August 10, 2020