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DIY Fall Decor

DIY Decor: Festive Fall Decorations at Hobby Lobby


Fall is in the air, and we are here to help you bring the season into your home with three quick and easy DIY Decor ideas.


Scaredy Pot

Inspired by Hobby Lobby Crafts

Scaredy Pot Supplies:

Four Small Clay Pots

One Medium Clay Pot

One Large Clay Pot

Jute Twine or String

Acrylic Paint and Brushes



Hot Glue Gun




Step One: Cover the base of the medium-sized pot with burlap leaving only the rim uncovered and secure with hot glue


Step Two: Use the acrylic paint to create the scarecrow’s face and allow to dry


Step Three: Cut four long pieces of jute twine and knot together at one end. Thread the twine through the medium-sized pot allowing the knot to sit inside on the bottom of the pot


Step Four: Position two strings to the side of the medium-sized pot creating the arms and thread remaining two strings through the large upside-down pot to create the legs


Step Five: Thread twine through each of the small pots and knot to secure


Step Six: Add the straw to the inside of each of the pots and cut small pieces of burlap to embellish as desired 



DIY Falling Leaves Garland

Inspired by House of Jade Interiors


DIY Falling Leaves Garland Supplies:

Artificial Leaves

Foam Brush

Glue or Mod Podge

Glitter (Various Colors)

Hole Punch




Step One: Paint a thin layer of glue covering one side of the leaf

Step Two: Sprinkle glitter onto leaf ensuring the entire surface area is covered

Step Three: Allow glue to set and shake off extra glitter

Step Four: Let dry and repeat on the other side

Step Five: Measure space where you will hang the garland and cut ribbon accordingly

Step Six: Punch holes in the leaves

Step Seven: Cut a piece of ribbon for each leaf and knot at one end then thread the ribbon through the leaf and attached to the long ribbon 


 Color Wrapped Wheat

Color Wrapped Wheat

Inspired by Inspired By Charm



Golden Wheat Bundles

Colored String or Embroidery Floss





Step One: Separate wheat into groups of 5 to 7 stalks


Step Two: Select a color of string and tie a knot to secure the wheat together


Step Three: Begin to wrap the string around the wheat creating a two-inch section of the string


Step Four: Tie knot and cut string




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